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This was not a paid review. These are my honest views and opinions on the products at FiveFingerTees.

FiveFingerTees is a family-owned business that does all the work themselves and provides high-quality products. They have a wide assortment of T-shirts to chose from including categories in movie/tv shirts, zombie/horror shirts, offensive (but hilarious!) shirts and more! I guarantee you that 99.9% of their shirts (if they were meant to be funny) are hilarious.

I was lucky enough to receive a shirt from FiveFingerTees for a review! Within TWO days I received my shirt (I couldn’t believe it, this was the fastest shipping I’ve ever seen!) I wasn’t expecting it for at least a week or two! Not only did it ship fast, but the quality is amazing. The shirt is soft and the letters don’t look like they’re about to fall off! (Which was a problem with shirts I’ve bought in the past from other retailers.)

The sizing is dead on, also. The size I ordered fits perfectly, not too big or too small. It doesn’t come up too short, either. (Because some of us don’t like our belly hanging out!)

You can find the shirt I received here. If you use the discount code fiveoff you will receive a 5% discount off your order, which isn’t bad since most of the tee’s are only $9.99! That’s a steal!

Altogether I was extremely pleased with the products from FiveFingerTees and will probably be purchasing from there in the near future. I’m also offering a deal, if anyone makes a purchase from FiveFingerTees using one of the links provided in this review, I will give them a solo promotion to 40,000+ followers.

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