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I am in loveeee with my new extensions from pegilea.com! They are amazing! Can you even tell they’re extensions???

I recently got some hair extensions from PegiLea and a few hair accessories (a flower crown and a hair clip) and I am in love! If you click the photos above they should expand and the photo of the hair clip with the two flowers…beautiful! This clip is simply STUNNING. I couldn’t believe how pretty it was when I opened the package, it’s probably my favorite thing to wear in my hair!

PegiLea is based in Australia, I believe, and they ship everywhere. I live in the US and it only took about two weeks to receive my order!

The extensions:

  • On the left side I have a blue color that fades to teal (these are four separate sections and you can see how thick they look together!)
  • On the right side I have purple that fades to blue!
  • These are very high quality, they’re soft and it says not to get them wet (oops!) but I’ve washed mine and they’re still in perfect condition after all the straightening and curling I’ve done to them!

I would highly, highly suggest pegilea (click and follow their tumblr!) extensions…I’ve gotten so many compliments, the clips they use are so easy to hide and they’re effortless because I can be very lazy with my hair sometimes. My favorite part is that I have long hair (it reaches past my waist) and these extensions were long enough! I’ve gotten extensions in the past and they’ve been too short and as waste of money and these matched my length so you can cut them to the length of your hair! 

Check them out, they’re my new favorite!




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